ART® Instructor Biography

ART®Instructor Biography

Sam Bettison, B Chiro Sc, M Chiro

Dr. Sam Bettison, B Chiro Sc, M Chiro - Florey, ACT Australia

Sam is a chiropractor with special interests in sports chiropractic and pregnancy care. As well as his chiropractic qualifications, Sam is full-body certified in ART, including in Biomechanics, and is a certified Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) practitioner. Over the course of his sports chiropractic career he has predominantly worked with CrossFit athletes and endurance athletes, (including IronMan competitors), and has also treated professionals from a number of other sports including rugby union and horse riding. Sam currently collaborates with Adapt CrossFit in Canberra, Australia, working as their in-house chiropractor, and has co-ordinated treatment teams for numerous local CrossFit competitions.

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