ART® Instructor Biography

ART®Instructor Biography

Luke Khoury, B.Sc (Ex.Sc), M.Chiro

Luke Khoury, B.Sc (Ex.Sc), M.Chiro - Potts Point, NSW Australia

Luke is a Sports Chiropractor, Educator and the Director of KC The Sports Chiropractor, a successful sports injury and movement-based practice in Potts Point, Sydney. Luke holds a Masters and Bachelors degree in Chiropractic and Exercise Science, respectively and is certified as a Functional Movement Screening Practitioner (FMS), Advanced Selective Functional Movement Assessment Practitioner(SFMA), Full Body Certified Active Release Technique Provider (ART), Musculo-Skeletal Dry Needling, Kinesiology taping (Rock Tape) and a Running Technician with Enhance Running to name a few. For the Past 6 years Luke has been involved in educating Master’s students in Orthopedic and Neurological assessment at Macquarie University, and more recently has joined the Active Release Techniques team to run courses in Australia. Luke consults to some of Australia's leading health and fitness professionals, runs workshops and mentoring programs for health professionals and believes the future of neurom

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