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Elite Providers Network

Throughout the years the word has spread that ART® is an extremely effective soft tissue management system and many individuals, groups, and business entities have come to rely on ART® care. In the past, there have been several instances where corporations, insurance companies and professional sporting teams have contacted ART® for lists of providers. Obviously, when such situations arose we referred them to the most accomplished provider in the area. We realized that we could help more individuals and ART® providers by handling these situations differently. So, we formed the ART® Elite Provider Network (EPN) and ART® Corporate Solutions, Inc. The EPN is a clinically integrated network of the most experienced ART® providers in each state and province. The EPN was formed so that ART® can guarantee the highest quality of soft tissue care to private industries, insurance companies, and sporting organizations.

Never before has a provider network been formed with a focus on the quality of care. Traditionally, physician's groups negotiate contracts by cutting their fees. We feel that ART® already saves companies a tremendous amount of money; so, we do not reduce our rates to acquire business. We focus on savings through outcomes. We currently have and are successfully negotiating contracts with many large corporations and we are placing providers in these companies to treat employees, primarily as a wellness and preventative measure, for a fixed number of hours a week. Each contract is different and compensation amounts may vary, but in all instances the ART® providers are reimbursed well for delivery of care.

ART® has instituted the live web broadcasts as a tool to assist the EPN members with difficult cases. During the week EPN members e-mail ART® about their challenging cases, and during the broadcast Dr. Leahy goes into great depth in explaining how he would handle the case. This is a wonderful way to resolve our cases faster and learn from each other's experiences.

The EPN has a dedicated website, This site promotes the ART® Corporate Solutions program and has an easy to use web based note taking system and outcomes collection program. This allows both EPN members (with a corporate contract) and ART® to track and report outcomes for corporations. Providers can perform all session notes with this password protected system. Downloadable stretching forms are also available to EPN members via this site.

In order to become an EPN member you must be certified in ART® upper extremity, spine and lower extremity areas, and be in good standing with ART. You must have 12 months experience (from your first seminar) prior to applying. The provider must pass a full body proficiency test with Dr. Leahy or an approved EPN tester and must complete a written exam (a study guide will be provided).

The cost to join the EPN ($750 entry fee) will be deferred until the provider acquires an on-site corporate contract. One still must complete the application and complete all EPN tests in order to be part of the EPN. There is a monthly fee of $75 (This is not deferred. It starts when you apply) for access to all the above mentioned tools and resources including: web broadcast with access to the entire library (non-EPN members only can view the last 6 shows), priority on case reviews by Dr. Leahy for the web-broadcast, professional presentations performed by ART® business representatives, corporate negotiations, contracting, and continued support to providers and corporations.

To join the EPN, download the application and call 1-888-396-2727 to set up a testing time at an up-coming seminar.

Any specific questions or request for an EPN Application should be directed to ART® Corporate Solutions at or call 1-866-369-9182.