The gold standard in soft-tissue care

The Gold Standard
in Soft-Tissue Care
Since 1984

Revolutionizing Healthcare

ART facilitates world-class soft-tissue and nerve care through our seminars and corporate wellness programs. Our success is based on non-invasive diagnostic and treatment methods, unmatched experience, and a family of the best and brightest employees, instructors, and providers.

Benefits for Providers

Stop compromising integrity by selling lengthy, expensive treatment programs for a single issue, with only average odds for success. ART will remind you of all the reasons you became a healthcare professional, while increasing your referral and repeat patients.

Benefits for Employers

Don’t sit idle watching conditions worsen into compensable claims and recordable injuries while productivity lags.

Benefits for Patients

Injured or hurting? Don’t endure countless medical visits with minimal improvement, take on expensive and risky invasive procedures, or settle for “just living with” soft-tissue pain and disfunction. Instead, make ART your first choice for soft-tissue care.

How Does It Work?



Our diagnostic process utilizes the provider’s hands to identify aberrations in tissue texture, tension, and movement, continuing until the provider determines the root cause of a condition.



Once identified, the condition is targeted by one or more ART treatment protocols, each combining precise touch with specific patient movements to restore proper function and relieve pain.



Because the ART system is unique, the results are uncommon. There are no known side effects and most conditions, including strains, sprains, and other musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), are resolved in just five or fewer treatment sessions.


Though our best success stories often come from those who sought ART treatment as a final option, we urge anyone dealing with soft-tissue or nerve conditions to consider ART and its benefits as a first option. Save yourself (or your employees) the emotional, physical, and monetary expense of invasive, risky, costly, and tedious courses of treatment.


Power the pursuit of passions, livelihoods, and triumphs, by increasing access to higher-quality, more cost-effective care.


In 1984, A Young Chiropractor Demanded Better Patient Outcomes

Not long after graduating valedictorian of Los Angeles Chiropractic College, Dr. Michael Leahy grew increasingly dissatisfied with the slow and poor efficacy of traditional soft-tissue treatment methods, especially for professional and Olympic athletes that urgently needed to get back to training and competition.

Leading to the Birth of Active Release Techniques®

He set to work developing the Active Release Techniques (ART) treatment system. Astonished by his impressive results, Dr. Leahy’s friends and colleagues urged him to train other healthcare professionals to utilize the ART treatment system in their practices.

Dr. Leahy and Dr. Faye at ART Ironman Treatment Team tent post-race
Dr. Leahy is seated at the front of a room, explaining ART to seminar attendees.
1988 Marked the First Seminars

By 1988, ART was hosting its first seminars. Since that time, ART has trained and credentialed more than 20,000 professionals to deliver the premier brand in soft-tissue and nerve care.

Patented Treatment System Revolutionizes Workplace Care

Dr. Leahy continued perfecting his treatment system and in 2001 was granted the first and only patent ever issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a manual soft-tissue treatment system. ART Corporate Solutions was established in 2005 in order to meet the needs of employers in labor-intensive industries with high incidences of soft-tissue and repetitive stress disorders. Today, the appeal of ART programs transcends industries.

Clients in less labor-intensive sectors such as professional services enjoy benefits including increased employee satisfaction and wellbeing. Self-insured clients in any sector see overall reductions in costs per employee far exceeding the cost of ART’s program. As a result of the efficacy of its programs, ART maintains a broad and diverse client base, including many of the world’s industrial giants.

ART’s roots are in the athletics world, where ART’s influence has grown over time. Hundreds of ART-trained providers serve various NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and NCAA teams. ART regularly trains professional and collegiate sports medicine teams in a private group setting. Due to ART’s reputation and results, IRONMAN triathletes, Olympic athletes, PGA golfers, and amateur athletes from the world over have also come to rely on ART treatment for getting back in the game and optimizing performance.

Our stakeholders today include the Leahy family, our employees, more than 100 ART Instructors, over 300 ART Elite Providers, hundreds of employer clients, and thousands of active ART Certified Providers.

Elite Provider performing ART treatment on factory employee
Meet the Founder

Dr. Michael Leahy

P. Michael Leahy, DC, ART, CCSP, founder of ART

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Dr. Michael Leahy

P. Michael Leahy, DC, ART, CCSP, founder of ART

Dr. P. Michael Leahy is an honor graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, former fighter pilot, and proud veteran. After his military service, Dr. Leahy graduated valedictorian of Los Angeles College of Chiropractic.

ART’s development required a unique understanding of engineering, biomechanics, anatomy, and healthcare, all in a doctor more dedicated to his patients’ full and quick recovery than increasing revenue by prescribing many visits for the same issue. In other words, it required a genius trained in many complex fields, with a heart for the hurting.

Throughout his career, Dr. Leahy has regularly treated professional, collegiate, and Olympic athletes, including Ironman champions, members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Olympic gold medalists, PGA Tour champions, and even a U.S. President. He has been on staff with the NFL’s Denver Broncos for more than two decades, and he and his ART Team remain a mainstay at the finish line of the Ironman World Championships in Kona.

Dr. Leahy has never stopped developing ART treatment. He discovered and published the Law of Repetitive Motion and the Cumulative Injury Cycle, redefining understanding and treatment of athletic- and work-related injuries. Today, as president of ART, Dr. Leahy’s work is dedicated toward developing curriculum and instruction materials for ART that perfect ART models, systems, and protocols bit-by-bit, based on feedback from ART Certified Providers, professional athletes, and students collected over more than three decades. ART’s aim remains the same. Dr. Leahy and his team are dedicated to continuing to push the limits of efficacy and efficiency in soft-tissue and nerve care.

Dr. Leahy is honored to be married for 48 years to his wife Patty Leahy, who was instrumental in the development and growth of ART as a company. He is a proud father to his sons Michael Jr. and Matthew, and grandfather to nine. Dr. Leahy has completed more than 25 Ironman triathlons. He also enjoys golf, a good joke, and a speedy recovery.

P. Michael Leahy, DC, ART, CCSP, founder of ART

ART has shown me that I can rise above my broken body experience, live a more comfortable life, and have faith in the medical profession once again.

Heather Quinn Nelson

While playing recreational ice hockey, I fell in an awkward manner and my leg twisted under my skate. I immediately felt pain in my knee and lower leg. For weeks I suffered, limping around and taking medications. With the physical trauma associated with my injury, I thought I was headed for a scope, or worse, surgery. After just two ART sessions, my knee and leg are feeling great again, with no pain.

Bill MacNeill
Weekend Warrior, Patient

ART is a key component in my success as a professional triathlete. Over five years of consistent ART care has helped me to optimize recovery, avoid injuries, repair soft-tissue disfunction, and perform at peak levels, posting career wins at Ironman races.

Michael Weiss
Patient and Pro Triathlete

With regular ART treatment, my muscles feel younger, less stiff.

Justin Halloran

With ART, I see immediate improvement 90 percent of the time.

Dr. Durlan Castro

I began receiving ART treatments in 2001 after my fourth knee surgery in 18 months. I firmly believe ART helped save my career. I retired after the 2008 season and 15 years as a quarterback in the NFL. I still utilize ART as part of my overall wellness routine. I believe in it so much that I’ve introduced my wife and children to the benefits of ART.

Trent Green, CBS Sports Analyst and 15-Year NFL Quarterback

I had physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic treatments. Nothing seemed to get me all the way back. With ART, my basic injury seems to be entirely gone.

Kate Fonshell, US Olympic Long-Distance Runner

What’s amazing to me is that it works so fast. It seems like black magic. I’ve been to a succession of orthopedics, chiropractors, and acupuncturists over more than 30 years of suffering with a bad back. None matched ART for pure speed. I’ve had ART treatment for four different problems, and each time the cure was nearly instant.

William Goldman, Screenwriter

ART not only gives your patients fast results, but you, too, will get a fast referral influx to your practice.

Dr. Tim Osborn

In fall 2017, I was running the Kansas City Marathon and had to stop due to the worst pain in my right hip. It felt like my bones were rubbing against each other with every step. The following week, I had two sessions of ART and was able to run the Kansas Half without pain the next week. That was my first exposure to ART, and I took my first ART seminar in January 2018. I was ART Full Body certified by March and use ART regularly to help my clients.

Rachel Hockenbarger
LMT, Patient + Provider

After a second ART session, I found that I was able to rotate my right arm in a circle with no discomfort, no feeling of something “clicking” in the socket. That’s after 26 years of clicks.

Lou Schuler

ART has taken my practice from 50-60 percent success rate to 80-90 percent success rate.

Dr. Jon Petrick

ART gives me the best bang for the buck, and if I had to choose one thing to keep me performing well it would be ART.

Bill Romanowski
4-Time Super Bowl Champion, Patient

Other forms of hands-on therapy – myofascial release, chiropractic, whatever – all work. But we’re talking about fixing 95 percent of problems in four visits, versus 50 percent of them in 30 visits.

The testimonials for ART often sound too good to be true. Athletes faced with career-ending injuries have experienced instant recoveries, often after their first session.

Though professional athletes use the technique, people who sit at a desk and suffer from neck, back, and shoulder pain can also benefit.

If you’re suffering from a shoulder injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, or any deep muscle injury and you thought surgery was the only way to get relief, think again.

On game days, Peyton Manning spends 25 to 30 minutes with Dr. Leahy for more ART work…for Manning, who looks more and more like Peyton in his prime, the maddening attention to detail is paying dividends.

ART, which has been lauded as no less than miraculous, has helped athletes overcome or avoid muscle-related problems…ART has earned so much acclaim, the University of California-San Diego medical school has made [Dr. Leahy] a professor, labeling his techniques as the standard for treating soft-tissue injuries.

I’m partial to ART …after a single session, I hopped off the table, noticed that my back no longer hurt, then reached down and touched my toes for the first time in 15 years.

Regular couch potatoes are also becoming converts, using ART to treat repetitive strain and stress injuries, leftover pain from car accidents and chronic back pain.

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