Group of providers practice Lower Extremity techniques on each other during a seminar.

Benefits for Providers

Better results in shorter timeframes, meaning more repeat business and referrals for your practice. Better still, enjoy a natural mechanical advantage with brief sessions, and protocols easy on your body and hands.

Benefits for Patients

Give your patients complete results. ART encompasses diagnosis and treatment, with treatment addressing pain and function. Not one or the other.

One-on-one instruction with student at lower extremity seminar

With ART, I see immediate improvement 90 percent of the time.

Dr. Durlan Castro

ART not only gives your patients fast results, but you, too, will get a fast referral influx to your practice.

Dr. Tim Osborn

In fall 2017, I was running the Kansas City Marathon and had to stop due to the worst pain in my right hip. It felt like my bones were rubbing against each other with every step. The following week, I had two sessions of ART and was able to run the Kansas Half without pain the next week. That was my first exposure to ART, and I took my first ART seminar in January 2018. I was ART Full Body certified by March and use ART regularly to help my clients.

Rachel Hockenbarger
LMT, Patient + Provider

ART has taken my practice from 50-60 percent success rate to 80-90 percent success rate.

Dr. Jon Petrick

Get Certified

two women practicing ART.

Get in the game as an ART Certified Provider by passing any ART Level 1 seminar, your initiation into The Gold Standard in Soft-Tissue Care.

Once you have completed Full Body Level 1 certification, up your game by advancing your diagnostic and treatment skills with ART Nerve and Level 2 seminars, featuring instruction and training in the simultaneous treatment of two structures.

Renew your certification and stay on top of your game through annual attendance at any ART seminar. You extend your license to use the ART® name and remain featured in our online ART Certified Provider directory.

Elite Provider performing ART treatment on factory employee

Top wages, no overhead + unlimited growth.

That’s the ART Elite Provider pathway.

Be Elite
ART instructor demonstrating lower extremity protocol for students

The best and brightest in the field.

Ready to meet your instructors?

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Frequently asked questions

  • May I purchase the instructional manual or other curriculum materials if I am not taking a seminar or if I am not eligible to take a seminar?

    No. Our curriculum materials are proprietary and only distributed to providers that have registered for a seminar.
    Active ART Certified Providers may purchase replacement materials for seminars they previously attended.

  • Can I transfer from one seminar to another seminar?

    Please refer to our cancellation and transfer policy.

  • Does ART offer a student discount?

    Yes. ART offers discounted student pricing for enrolled students, as well as professionals that graduated within the previous twelve (12) months. To be eligible for student pricing, you must be enrolled in or have recently graduated from a college or university program designed to result in licensure as a DC, PT, OT, PTA, OTA, ATC, RN, MD, OD, physiotherapist, MT, or acupuncturist.

  • Does ART offer a military discount?

    Yes. ART proudly offers a 10% discount on seminar registration fees to active military personnel and veterans. You will be asked to upload proof of your service during registration and prompted to enter a code to receive the discount.

  • May I use the ART logo in my practice?

    If you are an active ART Certified Provider, you may use the logo to indicate you are an ART Certified Provider. The logo must be used in a manner that does not indicate anything more than your active credentials from ART. For example, the logo cannot be used so prominently that it could cause confusion as to whether you are a representative or franchisee of ART, or as to whether ART sponsors your practice or services. The logo may never be used in connection with corporate or workplace services. Inactive providers may not use the logo in any form.

    If you have questions concerning whether your use of the logo is permitted, please contact

  • What is the ART Certified Provider Directory Listing?

    Active ART Certified Providers are listed in our ART Certified Provider Directory. People searching for ART Certified Providers are met with our “Find a Provider” tool, which funnels potential patients to your directory listing and practice. Most providers find this feature more than pays for annual certification or recertification fees by itself. Directory listings are included in seminar registration fees and are activated upon confirmation of the successful completion of your first (or next if you’ve been inactive) ART Seminar. Providers are removed from the directory when their ART certification expires.

  • What is ARTMan?

    ARTMan is a digital application featuring ART’s most recent curriculum content. ARTMan provides convenient access to the manuals and instructional videos for seminars you’ve attended and future seminars in which you’ve enrolled. The app contains anatomy references that fully integrate with the Visible Body app, providing interaction with 3D graphics of the relevant anatomical structures for each protocol. The app also has a notes function and a favorites function, allowing you to easily refer to prior experiences or flag protocols for future reference.

    The full app functions on Apple and Android tablet devices. The full app is not available for cell phones, laptops, or desktop devices, though you can utilize the web-based version on your laptop or desktop device. The web-based version does not have the Visible Body integration capability. Minimum 32 GB storage space required for the app.

  • What do I do if I believe I am receiving inauthentic or “fake” ART treatment?

    Please let us know at

  • How do I know if a provider offering ART treatment is certified/active?

    All ART Certified Providers authorized to use the ART® and ACTIVE RELEASE TECHNIQUES® trademarks can be found in our ART Certified Provider Directory. If a provider is not listed, they are inactive or have never taken an ART Seminar. In that case, they are offering counterfeit ART treatment, and we encourage you to report them by emailing

  • Is it required to be certified in all ART seminars?

    No. For most ART Certified Providers, we recommend completing all seminars/certifications over time. You will gain comprehensive knowledge of ART and perfect your diagnostic and treatment skills, leading to the best clinical outcomes for your patients and more referrals to your practice. You will also set yourself apart from less experienced providers in your area. For a few providers, however, completing all seminars/certifications does not make sense. For example, a provider specializing in only foot and ankle injuries may not gain much from our Upper Extremity seminars.

Need CEUs?

ART seminars typically provide continuing education units (CEUs) for DCs, PTs, OTs, and ATCs. The states/jurisdictions for which we apply for CEUs differ from seminar to seminar.