Customer Case Studies

Why ART On-Site Wellness?

Our clients are EHS professionals, facilities managers, operational leaders, and human resource managers, looking to proactively treat and empower their workforce to perform at their best, both personally and professionally.

Far too often, stretching, rotation, and ergonomic upgrades are the only understood solutions. However, ART’s on-site wellness program allows our clients to address soft-tissue conditions head-on, driving employee retention while decreasing OSHA recordables and worker’s comp claims.

Through this improved efficiency, our clients see financial gains with a typical ROI of 8 to 10x.

The results speak for themselves!

Factory worker lifting heavy metal object

See how Parker Hannifin decreased workers’ comp costs to zero

Our client at Parker Hannifin was focused on meeting the compliance requirements of OSHA, as well as decreasing the impact of the cost of workers’ compensation claims that their facility was experiencing. Soft-tissue and musculoskeletal injuries were leading to a positive trend line of sprains and strains resulting in ongoing recordables and increased time off site.

The Solution

Introduction of the ART On-Site Wellness program for 2 hours a week. This slow implementation led to nine successful years of partnership that continues today.

The Results

Serta Simmons realized an 89% decrease in Workers’ Comp Costs

Our client at Serta Simmons wanted to create a safe and efficient work environment for its employees. At the time, the location in Moreno Valley had experienced 9 workers’ comp claims costing the company a total of $180,000. Their mission was to decrease this expense and better enable a more efficient, injury-free workplace.

The Solution

Our Elite Providers came on site for 3 hours a week to treat their workforce.

The Results

Treehouse addressed and remedied high numbers of MSD challenges with ART

Treehouse was seeing an increasing trend line of workplace injuries year over year. Many of these injuries resulted from an aging workforce facing complications with soft-tissue related injuries. Leadership placed priority on this team to find a way to flip this trend and reduce the high level of recordables being experienced at a site this size.

The Solution

Treehouse moved quickly and implemented 16 hours of weekly treatment at their Carrollton based facility. This allowed our team of Elite Providers to see a large group of employees and quickly address the core issues those employees were facing, getting them back their baseline in an efficient manner.

The Results