Frequently asked questions

  • Patients
    What does an ART visit entail?

    Your first visit with an ART Certified Provider will likely begin with your medical history and background, followed by questions concerning the specific problem you’re experiencing. These questions include where your condition or pain is located, what may have caused it, and what motion(s) aggravate it. From there, the provider will move to the hands-on diagnostic process and palpate the described areas to pinpoint the root problem. Don’t worry, “palpate” just means the Certified Provider uses touch to feel and diagnose the root cause of the injury or disorder.

    Once the root is identified, specific ART protocols will be used to repair and restore the damaged tissue. This process may be repeated a few times depending on the number of affected areas and severity of pain.

  • Patients
    Who is certified to provide ART treatment?

    ART Certified Providers include licensed chiropractors, physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, medical doctors, athletic trainers, registered nurses, osteopathic doctors, occupational therapists, and massage therapists. Whatever their profession, be assured that your ART Certified Provider is licensed by your state and credentialed by ART to provide ART treatment.

  • Patients
    How does ART treatment differ from other therapies/modalities?

    Touch is an important psychomotor skill directly correlated with successful and rapid treatment. ART is the only modality that utilizes effective and comfortable touch as one of its keystones. ART Certified Providers are highly trained in the only soft-tissue system that incorporates a diagnostic process to accurately and efficiently determine the specific tissues generating pain and altered movement. ART Full Body Certified Providers can effectively locate each of the 450 structures we treat and palpate those structures to determine if the tissue is healthy or damaged.

    The ART System allows us two distinct advantages: (1) Determining the actual root issue, instead of focusing solely on the location of the pain; and (2) Delivering effective treatment to a pinpointed structure. The result: better outcomes, faster.

  • Patients
    How many ART treatments are required to resolve my condition?

    It is not rare for a treatable condition to be fully resolved in one ART treatment session, though most conditions will require between two and four follow-up visits with your ART Certified Provider. If you find that you are back at your ART Certified Provider for the seventh follow-up visit (or more), have a transparent conversation with your provider about the efficacy of ART treatment for your case and the provider’s long-term prognosis. While unusual, there are cases where maintenance with ART treatment may be appropriate.

    Bottom line, we really like you, and your ART Certified Provider probably does too, but your provider doesn’t really want to see you all the time. The goal of Active Release Techniques treatment is to get you back to living your life, pain-free, as soon as possible.

  • Patients
    Do ART Certified Providers work for ART, or are ART Certified Providers franchisees?

    No. ART Certified Providers do not work for ART, nor are ART Certified Providers franchisees of ART. ART credentials healthcare professionals that attend its seminars and meet its quality control standards to promote and advertise ART treatment in connection with their professional practice. Except for truthful representation of ART Certified Provider credentials on our website, ART does not promote or endorse any specific ART Certified Provider and has no control over ART Certified Providers but to remove their ART credentials.

    We have found that the significant majority of complaints we receive concerning “ART Certified Providers” actually concern professionals that are not credentialed by ART. But, if you have a complaint concerning an ART Certified Provider, we want to know about it. We do not want professionals providing counterfeit ART treatment, and we do not want professionals providing genuine ART treatment to be engaged in misconduct or harmful practices. Both harm the public and the ART brand and name. If this happens to you, please email us here with a detailed description of your experience.

  • Patients
    How do I choose the right ART Certified Provider for me?

    Be sure that your ART Certified Provider is ART Certified for the type of injury or disorder for which you seek treatment. For example, a provider certified only in ART Lower Extremity Level 1 is probably not your best choice for a shoulder issue. Generally, the more ART certifications, the more experienced the provider, and the more confident you can be in the provider’s ART skillset.

    Other than that, the search for the “right” ART Certified Provider is a lot like the search for any other healthcare professional. Look for reviews for providers in your area and conduct other research until you’re comfortable with your choice. If you’re not comfortable with the provider after your initial visit, look for another ART Certified Provider in your area.

  • Patients
    How are ART Certified Providers credentialed to provide ART treatment?

    ART Certified Providers first become credentialed by completing a 24-hour training seminar, culminating in hands-on testing to determine whether they are qualified to be an ART Certified Provider. (Many do not pass.) Every new certification thereafter requires successful completion of the same training and testing process.

    All ART Certified Providers must successfully complete a seminar once every 12 months and a hands-on seminar with testing once every 24 months to ensure they remain capable of providing genuine, quality ART treatment. ART treatment evolves in the same way as technology, and the skills of our providers change as well. It is imperative for our providers to stay at the top of their game. Recertification each and every year ensures ART Certified Providers are delivering ART treatment that meets our quality control standards.

  • Patients
    How can you know if you’re receiving ART treatment from an ART Certified Provider?

    Our website. If your provider is not listed in our Provider Directory, they are not providing genuine ART treatment. They are selling a counterfeit, often at the same or higher price of genuine ART treatment.

  • Patients
    What are the potential risks or side effects of ART treatment?

    Because ART treatment is non-invasive, there are no known short- or long-term side effects to genuine ART treatment delivered by an ART Certified Provider.

    Professionals who are not credentialed to provide ART treatment may, however, inadvertently cause muscle and nerve damage by applying too much pressure or by applying pressure to incorrect anatomical structures — another reason why we don’t recommend so-called “ART Treatment” by anyone but ART Certified Providers.

  • Patients
    Does ART treatment hurt?

    It shouldn’t. Some of the movements your provider asks you to perform may be uncomfortable. ART hands-on treatment can also be uncomfortable. But you should tell your provider immediately if uncomfortable crosses into pain, especially if it is intense.

    Following a treatment session, your tissue may be sore. Some compare this soreness to muscle aches following strength training. Pain or discomfort exceeding soreness is exceptionally rare and a reason to notify your provider.

  • Patients
    Does my insurance cover ART treatment?

    It depends on your state of residence and your medical insurance plan. Many plans do not cover ART treatment but may cover services that broadly describe or approximate ART treatment, such as myofascial release or some physical therapy services. Some ART Certified Provider offices will do cash upfront for ART treatment and are then willing to bill insurance to see if the services will be covered.

    In sum, some plans cover ART treatment and some don’t, while others may have a specialty co-pay. If you are concerned about insurance coverage, please check with your ART Certified Provider and/or insurance company prior to beginning a course of treatment.

  • Patients
    What should I do if the person providing me with ART treatment is not listed on your website?

    Let us know! Many of these people have never completed an ART Seminar or have not completed an ART Seminar in many years, sometimes a decade or longer. They are fooling the public and may be risking the health of their patients by providing spurious “ART” treatment. Help protect others by emailing us at Please include the full name and web address (if applicable) for the offending individual or practice.

  • Business
    How many weekly treatment hours do I need for my workplace?

    Our ART Sales Representatives work with you to determine the recommended amount of weekly treatment hours based on the number of employees in your facility and specific needs.

  • Business
    How does ART treatment work?

    Your employees feel pain when body systems responsible for movement stop working as designed. ART releases muscles, ligaments, tendons, and fascia that no longer function properly due to overuse or damage. Elite Providers utilize a hands-on movement assessment process on affected areas to pinpoint the issue(s). Once the issue(s) are located, treatment proceeds to specific employee movements with the application of hands-on pressure by the provider, all precisely engineered to release adhesions, improve motion, and reduce pain.

  • Business
    How does the ART program work?

    ART arranges for an Elite Provider to spend scheduled time at your workplace on a weekly basis. You may use ART’s software to schedule employees into the Elite Provider’s time, up to four per hour, or leave scheduling to the Elite Provider, or even just use a simple sign-up sheet at your workplace. Whatever works best for you. You receive quarterly outcome reports from ART summarizing the cases treated during the quarter. Track your employee satisfaction and watch it soar and/or track your worker’s compensation and insurance costs, and watch them fall.

  • Business
    How much does it cost?

    Better than free. ART clients report workers’ compensation and insurance savings of many times the cost of the ART program, to say nothing of increased productivity, reduced turnover, and increased employee satisfaction.

  • Business
    Do I get to select my Elite Provider?

    Almost always, yes. Most ART Certified Providers are not Elite Providers, so coming to our website and searching for a provider in your area won’t work to obtain ART for your workplace. Non-Elite Providers are not qualified for corporate work and have agreed not to provide services to any workplace. But, if an Elite Provider pitches our services to you, that provider will usually be the one servicing your account. If you come to ART another way, we will ensure you are comfortable with the Elite Provider assigned to you, or we will find a substitute provider you are comfortable with.

  • Business
    We don’t have workers’ compensation claims. How can we justify the cost?

    Self-insured ART clients, even those with few or no workers’ compensation claims, have experienced reductions in overall cost YOY. As you know if you’re self-insured, that is very rare. Many self-insured clients have expanded access to our programs to spouses and dependent family members. Because we make that much of a difference.

    If you’re not self-insured, and have little in the way of workers’ compensation costs, the cost is justified if your company seeks to reduce turnover or increase employee satisfaction. If employee satisfaction is an important part of your company’s strategy, you need ART.

    Productivity and engagement increase with our program. And the annual cost of our average program is less than the direct costs of a single workers’ compensation case. Even if you’re not now concerned about your workers’ compensation or insurance costs, or productivity or satisfaction or turnover, remember that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” No matter the company or industry, ART will ultimately deliver an ROI that exceeds the amount you spend on the program.

  • Business
    Can’t I just bill the Elite Provider directly?

    No. The only way to get genuine ART treatment in the workplace is through ART.

  • Business
    I’ve heard that ART isn’t the only treatment classified as “first aid” and non-recordable?

    ART is the only specific soft-tissue modality identified by the Department of Labor and OSHA as non-recordable. Other methods may or may not be recordable. The truth is that no one knows. And neither can you. With ART, you rest assured, with certainty that the treatment you’re providing your employees is non-recordable.

  • Business
    How is ART different?

    ART has many differentiators in the workplace, including:

    • It works for you and pays for itself, often several times over. More than 93% of employers stick with ART year over year. Why? Because recordables and worker’s compensation costs go down, and employee satisfaction and productivity skyrocket.
    • You’re serviced by truly elite providers specifically trained over hundreds of hours to spot and treat the root causes of the issues common in your workplace.
    • Efficiency of treatment. Each session is only fifteen minutes in length, and most employees experience full resolution in five or fewer sessions. With ART, employees are quickly back to full productivity, with a smile on their face.
    • ART treatment is not recordable. The Department of Labor and OSHA specifically classify ART treatment, by name, as “first aid,” meaning that our services will never create a recordable.
    • The professionals insist on it. More than 300 ART-trained professionals serve on the staff of NFL, MLB, NBA, NCAA, and NHL teams. Hundreds more treat PGA golfers, Olympic athletes, and athletes at events like IRONMAN triathlons. Many college and pro athletic programs have their entire staff trained by ART. Why? Because ART is the most effective soft-tissue treatment system available.
  • Business
    What is ART?

    ART is a non-invasive, hands-on treatment for employees with any kind of soft-tissue, muscular or nerve issue, including strains and sprains, but also more complex disorders.

  • Miscellaneous, Providers
    May I purchase the instructional manual or other curriculum materials if I am not taking a seminar or if I am not eligible to take a seminar?

    No. Our curriculum materials are proprietary and only distributed to providers that have registered for a seminar.
    Active ART Certified Providers may purchase replacement materials for seminars they previously attended.

  • Miscellaneous, Providers
    Can I transfer from one seminar to another seminar?

    Please refer to our cancellation and transfer policy.

  • Discounts, Providers
    Does ART offer a student discount?

    Yes. ART offers discounted student pricing for enrolled students, as well as professionals that graduated within the previous twelve (12) months. To be eligible for student pricing, you must be enrolled in or have recently graduated from a college or university program designed to result in licensure as a DC, PT, OT, PTA, OTA, ATC, RN, MD, OD, physiotherapist, MT, or acupuncturist.

  • Discounts, Providers
    Does ART offer a military discount?

    Yes. ART proudly offers a 10% discount on seminar registration fees to active military personnel and veterans. You will be asked to upload proof of your service during registration and prompted to enter a code to receive the discount.

  • Certified Provider Perks, Providers
    May I use the ART logo in my practice?

    If you are an active ART Certified Provider, you may use the logo to indicate you are an ART Certified Provider. The logo must be used in a manner that does not indicate anything more than your active credentials from ART. For example, the logo cannot be used so prominently that it could cause confusion as to whether you are a representative or franchisee of ART, or as to whether ART sponsors your practice or services. The logo may never be used in connection with corporate or workplace services. Inactive providers may not use the logo in any form.

    If you have questions concerning whether your use of the logo is permitted, please contact

  • Certified Provider Perks, Providers
    What is the ART Certified Provider Directory Listing?

    Active ART Certified Providers are listed in our ART Certified Provider Directory. People searching for ART Certified Providers are met with our “Find a Provider” tool, which funnels potential patients to your directory listing and practice. Most providers find this feature more than pays for annual certification or recertification fees by itself. Directory listings are included in seminar registration fees and are activated upon confirmation of the successful completion of your first (or next if you’ve been inactive) ART Seminar. Providers are removed from the directory when their ART certification expires.

  • Certified Provider Perks, Providers
    What is ARTMan?

    ARTMan is a digital application featuring ART’s most recent curriculum content. ARTMan provides convenient access to the manuals and instructional videos for seminars you’ve attended and future seminars in which you’ve enrolled. The app contains anatomy references that fully integrate with the Visible Body app, providing interaction with 3D graphics of the relevant anatomical structures for each protocol. The app also has a notes function and a favorites function, allowing you to easily refer to prior experiences or flag protocols for future reference.

    The full app functions on Apple and Android tablet devices. The full app is not available for cell phones, laptops, or desktop devices, though you can utilize the web-based version on your laptop or desktop device. The web-based version does not have the Visible Body integration capability. Minimum 32 GB storage space required for the app.

  • Certification and Recertification Requirements, Providers
    What do I do if I believe I am receiving inauthentic or “fake” ART treatment?

    Please let us know at

  • Certification and Recertification Requirements, Providers
    How do I know if a provider offering ART treatment is certified/active?

    All ART Certified Providers authorized to use the ART® and ACTIVE RELEASE TECHNIQUES® trademarks can be found in our ART Certified Provider Directory. If a provider is not listed, they are inactive or have never taken an ART Seminar. In that case, they are offering counterfeit ART treatment, and we encourage you to report them by emailing

  • Certification and Recertification Requirements, Providers
    Is it required to be certified in all ART seminars?

    No. For most ART Certified Providers, we recommend completing all seminars/certifications over time. You will gain comprehensive knowledge of ART and perfect your diagnostic and treatment skills, leading to the best clinical outcomes for your patients and more referrals to your practice. You will also set yourself apart from less experienced providers in your area. For a few providers, however, completing all seminars/certifications does not make sense. For example, a provider specializing in only foot and ankle injuries may not gain much from our Upper Extremity seminars.

  • Certification and Recertification Requirements, Providers
    Do I need to certify or recertify every year?

    Yes, if you want to continue using the ART® and ACTIVE RELEASE TECHNIQUES® trademarks and maintain your listing in the ART Certified Provider Directory. As the exclusive owner of the trademarks, ART has a duty to maintain quality control over the goods and services with which the ART and ACTIVE RELEASE TECHNIQUES marks are used. Certification and recertification, as well as the corresponding hands-on testing, operate as our quality control measures. By requiring annual certification/recertification, we ensure that each ART Certified Provider is capable of providing safe and effective ART treatment, thereby protecting consumers, the ART brand, and all ART Certified Providers.

    You will maintain your status as an active ART Certified Provider by successfully completing any hands-on seminar, whether completed as a recertification or new certification attendee. For ART Full Body Level 1 Certified Providers, online recertification seminars will maintain active certification for one year, but may only be used to maintain certification every other year, with a hands-on seminar and testing required every two years.

  • Certification and Recertification Requirements, Providers
    Once I attend a seminar, how do I become certified?

    Once you complete and pass an ART Seminar, you are an active ART Certified Provider. Congrats! You will begin to experience and understand the value of ART for your practice and patients. To maintain an active certification to offer and advertise ART treatment, providers must complete one ART Seminar every 12 months.

  • Providers, Seminar Specifics
    I do not see a seminar near me and prefer not to travel, what options do I have?

    You may occasionally need to travel to another city to maintain your ART certification. If you are an ART Full Body Level 1 Certified Provider, you have the option of recertifying through an online recertification seminar every other year. If you didn’t exercise that option last year, it is an option for you this year. Otherwise, you may submit an inquiry for a private or clinic-hosted seminar in your city. Please email for more information.

  • Providers, Seminar Specifics
    What is appropriate attire at a seminar?

    Athletic attire. Shorts, yoga pants, t-shirts, joggers, athletic polo shirts and tops are most appropriate. Most of the seminar will consist of hands-on practice on other attendees. Wear clothing which allows for ease of movement so that fellow attendees may easily palpate and practice protocols on you. Wear something you would normally work out in unless you wear a tie, speedo, jacket or coat, swimsuit, sports bra only, or biking shorts to work out.

  • Providers, Seminar Specifics
    Are hotel accommodations included in the cost of the seminar?

    No. Attendees are responsible for their own hotel accommodations.

  • Providers, Seminar Specifics
    Am I required to stay at the hotel where the seminar is held?

    No. Attendees for seminars held at a hotel can usually take advantage of a group rate negotiated by ART but may stay wherever they choose.

  • Providers, Seminar Specifics
    Am I required to test?

    No. But you will not be licensed to use the ART® and ACTIVE RELEASE TECHNIQUES® trademarks or listed in our ART Certified Provider Directory without successful completion of testing. We have found that some providers don’t feel ready to test at the conclusion of their seminar. In fact, some of our most successful providers have felt that way, especially in Level 2 seminars. If that’s where you find yourself, that’s totally okay. Let’s talk about it and determine how to get you credentialed.

  • Providers, Seminar Specifics
    Can I test if I don’t attend the entire seminar?

    No. Unless you are a recertification attendee, you must attend the entire seminar to test.

  • Providers, Seminar Specifics
    What should I expect at the seminar?

    ART Seminars consist of 80% or more hands-on practice and training, with attendees receiving immediate feedback from instructors and other attendees. Thus, preparing for the seminar in advance is critical. Regular snack and lunch breaks are provided. For detailed seminar agendas, please refer to the main webpage(s) for the seminar(s) that have your interest.

  • Providers, Seminar Specifics
    How should I prepare for an ART seminar?

    Within one week after your order is processed, you will receive the hardcopy manual and flash drive with instructional videos and access to the same materials in the ARTMan app. Aim for at least one extensive review of all curriculum materials prior to the seminar. We have found that many providers are not up to speed on their anatomy knowledge, which is critical to success in an ART seminar. If you think you might need to brush up on your anatomy skills, we recommend Thieme’s Atlas of Anatomy for self-study prior to your seminar.

  • Providers, Seminar Specifics
    I see that you request a portable table at seminars. Am I required to bring this?

    No. But we greatly appreciate it if you do! To incentivize you, when you bring a table, you’re entered into a raffle for a $300 credit toward your next ART Seminar.

  • Pre-Registration, Providers
    The registration process requires my license. I have been credentialed by ART in the past. Do I need to upload my license?

    Yes. All registrants must upload their license each time they register for a seminar.

  • Pre-Registration, Providers
    Are ART seminars different in Canada or other countries?

    Our rigorous quality control ensures the same high standards of instruction, training, and testing, regardless of the seminar location. Seminars in South Korea and Europe are offered under exclusive license by our trusted partners. All other seminars are operated directly by ART.

  • Pre-Registration, Providers
    Can I take an online seminar if I have never taken an ART seminar previously?

    No… for now. Stay tuned for additional information. Though we will expand our online offerings, providers will continue to be credentialed as ART Certified Providers only upon successful completion of a hands-on seminar, which serves as our quality control mechanism.

  • Pre-Registration, Providers
    Are Personal Trainers eligible to take ART seminars?

    No, because diagnosis and palpation are not in the scope of practice for Personal Trainers.

  • Pre-Registration, Providers
    Can I take a Level 2 seminar before a Level 1 seminar?

    No. To be successful in a Level 2 seminar, providers must have a thorough understanding of the corresponding Level 1 material. Thus, successful completion of the corresponding Level 1 seminar is a prerequisite for any Level 2 seminar. For example, a provider must successfully complete Upper Extremity Level 1 prior to enrolling in Upper Extremity Level 2.

    Note, however, that providers are not required to complete all Level 1 seminars prior to enrolling in a Level 2 seminar. The prerequisite for a Level 2 seminar is only the corresponding Level 1 seminar.

  • Pre-Registration, Providers
    What is the difference between Level 1 and Level 2 seminars?

    Level 1 seminars teach providers to assess, diagnose, and resolve pain, discomfort, and restriction by treating individual muscles and tendons. Instruction and training focus on essential palpation skills, with providers learning to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy tissues by utilizing correct touch, depth, tension, and movement.

    Level 2 seminars teach providers to assess and treat two structures simultaneously by applying synergistic techniques to adjacent tissues. Level 2 seminars are advanced. We recommend providers practice ART for at least one year before enrolling in a Level 2 seminar.

  • Pre-Registration, Providers
    What is the ART Full Body Level 1 seminar?

    Our Full Body Level 1 seminar combines our Upper Extremity Level 1, Spine Level 1, and Lower Extremity Level 1 seminars into one seminar taught over nine days. The Full Body Level 1 seminar allows providers to become ART Full Body certified in just seven days, quickly fulfilling our advanced seminar prerequisites and fast-tracking pathways toward becoming an ART Elite Provider and/or ART Instructor. Additionally, the Full Body Level 1 registration fee is less expensive than separately enrolling in Upper Extremity Level 1, Spine Level 1, and Lower Extremity Level 1 seminars.

  • Pre-Registration, Providers
    Do ART seminars offer continuing education units (CEUs)?

    Yes. ART seminars provide up to 24 hours of CEUs for live, hands-on seminars, and up to four hours for online recertification seminars. Please check eligibility and details on the registration webpage(s) for the seminar(s) you are interested in completing.

  • Pre-Registration, Providers
    I have not taken an ART seminar in a while, do I need to register as a new certification attendee?

    No. While we have missed seeing you, we are delighted to have you back! Regardless of your period of lapsed certification, you may enroll in any seminar you previously completed and passed as a recertification attendee. Or you may take any seminar you have not previously completed and passed as a new certification attendee.

  • Pre-Registration, Providers
    How often can I take an ART seminar?

    As often as you like.

  • Pre-Registration, Providers
    How early should I sign up for an ART seminar?

    Right now! In all seriousness, we recommend leaving yourself four to six weeks for self-study of our curriculum materials in advance of a seminar. Having said that, you may enroll in a seminar up to just a few days prior, when registration closes. We ship curriculum materials as soon as your order is processed. The sooner you enroll in a seminar, the more time you’ll have to prepare.

  • Pre-Registration, Providers
    Is there a specific progression of seminars?

    There is not a “one-size fits all” progression but a variety of pathways providers choose to take to fit their individual needs and professional goals. Review recommended provider pathways.

  • Pre-Registration, Providers
    Which ART seminar should I take first?

    There is no one right seminar to start with. Some providers find it helpful to start with a seminar focused on the conditions they most frequently treat in practice. Providers must successfully complete a Level 1 seminar before proceeding to the corresponding Level 2 seminar and must be Full Body Level 1 certified prior to enrolling in Nerve or Advanced seminars.

  • Pre-Registration, Providers
    Who are Active Release Techniques® Certified Providers™?

    ART Certified Providers™ are licensed healthcare professionals, including chiropractors (DCs), physical and occupational therapists (PTs and OTs), physical and occupational therapy assistants (PTAs and OTAs), athletic trainers (ATCs), registered nurses (RNs), medical and osteopathic doctors (MDs and ODs), physiotherapists, massage therapists (MTs), and acupuncturists. Providers also include students enrolled full-time in a program of study designed to result in state or national licensure to practice any of the foregoing professions.

    We have found that a significant majority of each of these professions can provide effective ART treatment after completing the requisite self-study, instruction, training, and hands-on practice inherent to each ART Seminar.

Image of 5 students/providers intently looking on during an ART seminar.

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