8 Opportunities an ART Seminar Brings You 

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Active Release Techniques® (ART®) seminars have many benefits for attendees, including career advancement for those that become ART Certified Providers. The bottom line, ART seminars are an investment in your career and patients. 

Let’s talk ART seminar prices 

ART seminar prices may look daunting, but what you gain makes it a worthwhile investment because: 

  • ART provides registered attendees with all study materials.
  • Hybrid learning model with online and in-person components.
  • After becoming Full Body Level 1 certified, it becomes cheaper to recertify.
  • You become a better provider for your patients.
  • You set your clinic apart from others.
  • Those who successfully complete ART seminars have an abundant networking community, access to an exclusive ART app, and are featured on the ART website through a certified provider listing.
ART Seminar Pricing Chart 

A chart with each ART seminar and pricing.

ART Certified Provider benefits 

Besides benefitting from short treatment sessions, increased referrals, and repeat patients, providers have exclusive access to: 

  • Access to the ARTMan app.

The ultimate study and reference resource with interactive elements and 3D graphics of the anatomical structures for the ART protocols. Have the manuals and instructional videos from past attended seminars at your fingertips.  


  • Connect with peers.

Through a private Facebook group, current ART Certified Providers have a space to ask questions, post ART job opportunities, and network. 


  • Score discounts on partner products.

We allow ART Certified Providers to buy our partner, Hyperice’s, products at a discount. 


  • Featured on the official ART Certified Provider

Patients come here to find all current providers to ensure they are receiving authentic ART treatment from a currently certified provider. 


What will ART treatment do for your clinic? 

Incorporating ART treatment in your practice can skyrocket your clinic’s revenue for many reasons, including: 

  • Bring in repeat patients.

When pain is significantly improved and the root of the pain is treated, patients will want to come back. Many treatment methods only provide temporary relief or minimal pain improvement.


  • Draw in new patient referrals.

Whether current patients are referring people they know or they are seeking ART treatment as a last resort, your clinic will see a spike in new patients. 


  • Allow you to treat more conditions than ever before.

With over 450 specific protocols ART treatment can solve a variety of conditions caused by softtissue and nerve dysfunction, such as muscle pain, joint pain, headaches and migraines, sprains and strains, and more. 


  • Offer time-efficient and cost-effective treatment.

Because of the high success within the first few short treatment sessions, it is a quality treatment option for patients. 


Want to become a better provider? 

Becoming an ART Certified Provider is an investment, but the opportunities are almost endless. 

Ready to be initiated into The Gold Standard in Soft-Tissue Care? Click here to find an ART seminar that interests you!