ART On-Site Wellness and Cost Savings

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ART On-Site Wellness Programs not only increase employee well-being but save companies money in multiple ways.

What is ART On-Site Wellness?

ART On-Site Wellness programs place an ART Elite Provider™ (EP) on-site at company facilities. An EP visits on a weekly basis to treat employees with ART treatment.

Treatment sessions are quick, lasting 15 minutes per employee.

What is ART treatment?

ART treatment is a non-invasive system that treats soft-tissue and nerve dysfunction at the source. This hands-on treatment combines provider touch, pressure, and tension with patient movement to pinpoint and treat the origin of the affected area.

How will this save my company money?

On-site ART treatment has been proven to increase companies’ profitability.

Implementing this program creates a better work culture for employees and lessens time-consuming and costly turnover issues for employers.

Here is how ART treatment will cut down costs for your company and save your management team precious time.


  • Increased employee retention

Your team will see an increase in employee retention.

Physical well-being and employee retention have a direct correlation. When employees can prioritize their health, they will experience improved overall health, more energy, and increased productivity.


  • A decrease in reported work injuries

Most of our clients see their employees’ pain, discomfort, or condition resolved in three to four ART treatment sessions.

ART treatment resolves over 80% of issues in five or fewer treatment sessions.


  • Saving management time and resources

With fewer reported work injuries for your management team to report and file, they can spend more time strategizing for the future of the company.


  • Reduced workers’ compensation costs and OSHA recordables

ART treatment is first-aid OSHA designated so you never have to stress about on-site ART treatment creating a recordable.


  • Improved employee productivity

Why? Because your employees are feeling better.

If your employees are no longer physically limited from pain or discomfort, they can perform their job duties and work more efficiently.

An employee is injured

Imagine this: You are a manager for a call center.

An employee sits at their desk staring at a computer screen while typing client information call after call.

Over time, this repetitive motion causes the employee to experience wrist pain. They have carpal tunnel syndrome.

Instead of having to miss two hours of work to see a doctor, they were able to see their company’s on-site EP.

They saw an EP for three sessions totaling 45 minutes of missed work. Their condition is now fully resolved, and they were able to immediately get back to performing their day-to-day job duties.

This is a common occurrence in white-collar jobs. Luckily, ART treatment can prevent these types of problems and the deterioration they lead to.

Ready to save your company money?

By supporting your employees’ physical health and wellness with on-site ART treatment, your company will see an increase in the positive work environment that promotes employees’ work-life satisfaction and engagement.

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