ART On-Site Wellness Onboarding Process

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Active Release Techniques® (ART®) Account Managers, Katie Beckman and Courtney Jaeger, walk us through the onboarding process that their clients experience when implementing ART On-Site Wellness at their facility.

How does ART On-Site Wellness work?

ART On-Site Wellness programs place an ART Elite Provider™ (EP) on-site at company facilities. An EP visits on a weekly basis to treat employees with ART treatment.

Treatment sessions are quick, lasting 15 minutes per employee.

What is ART treatment?

ART treatment is a non-invasive system that treats soft-tissue and nerve dysfunction at the source. This hands-on treatment combines provider touch, pressure, and tension with patient movement to pinpoint and treat the origin of the affected area.

Whom is this program designed for?

ART treatment benefits everyone.

We serve clients across a wide array of occupations from the manufacturing industry to office jobs.

Anyone performing repetitive work tasks from typing to loading boxes benefits from the finest soft-tissue care.

The first step of onboarding

After completing the initial sales process, representatives from your company, ideally those who manage employee wellness, will connect with one of our account managers to begin onboarding.

This quick call addresses program expectations and reviews the provided resources your team gets from us.

This also allows the ART Corporate Solutions (ARTCS) team to understand more about why your company needs on-site ART treatment.

The timeline

It takes two weeks from the beginning of the onboarding process to when an EP can begin treating employees.

Although the two-week timeframe is ideal to ensure full onboarding, the process can be sped up if necessary.

Day-to-day expectations

When your assigned EP comes on-site to give employees their 15-minute treatment sessions, they will take notes for each session. These notes include general information, where treatment was applied, and what improvement has been achieved.

The EP will regularly work with your management team, consulting them on which employees need to be seen again the following week. Your team manages the schedule to ensure new employees, that have not had the chance to be treated, can be seen.

How do I know the program is working?

We have a few ways to measure the success of the ART On-Site Wellness Programs and the benefits it has brought to your company.

One is an improvement scale. Before an employee’s treatment session, they rate their current pain level. After their case is closed, meaning they are completely treated, they rate their pain level again.

This gives us and your company an average improvement number with all the data coming directly from the employees.

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