ART Seminars: A Day in the Life

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Dr. Kyle Ross, D.C., walks you through a day in the life at an Active Release Techniques® (ART®) seminar to better prepare you.

Preparing for an ART seminar is an exciting adventure, especially when you have a busy life and a full-time clinic to manage.

First, a quick tip

Studying is a crucial part of the preparation process.

I have discovered a fantastic method that keeps me engaged and active: I hop on a treadmill with the ART manual in hand while playing the Litmos videos on my iPhone.

To make things even more interesting, I use Safari to play the videos at an accelerated speed of 1.25-2x.

This way, I can multitask and make the most of my time.

By dedicating about a week to the process and going through five to ten videos per treadmill session, I manage to cover all the material at least three times before the ART seminar.

It is a fun and efficient way to study! Bonus, I get an opportunity to move my body while doing it.

Choosing an ART Instructor

Fast forward to the day of the ART seminar.

I will use my most recent ART seminar as an example, which took place in sunny Orlando, Florida.

Being a clinic owner, I decided to turn this educational opportunity into a personal vacation as well.

After all, who doesn’t want to keep their accountant happy? It’s all about finding that perfect balance between work and play.

When looking through the seminar schedule, choosing the right ART Instructor can be crucial. This is why I was thrilled to see Dr. Nina Patterson leading the Lower Extremity Level 2 seminar.

Having attended two of her previous ART seminars, I knew I was in for a treat. Her guidance and teaching style make the learning experience enjoyable and effective for me personally.

Finding an ART Instructor who matches your learning style is like having a secret weapon for seminar success.

Seminar day is here

When the days of the actual ART seminar arrive, I like to be thoroughly prepared.

I focus on studying and familiarizing myself with 15-20 ART protocols each day leading up to the seminar.

However, I have a unique twist to my approach.

Instead of simply memorizing the ART protocols, I delve into the intricate details of anatomy.

I make it a point to re-watch the Level 1 anatomy videos on Litmos, immersing myself in the complexities of the subject.

By visualizing the actions of muscles and structures involved, I enhance my understanding and mental preparation. It is like a stimulating mental workout, getting my brain ready for the “ART Olympics.”

There you have it, my fellow ART enthusiasts. That is my approach to preparing for an ART seminar.

Remember, studying can be a fun and engaging experience, especially when you combine it with being active.

Now, go out there and make the most of your ART seminar experience.

May it be enlightening, enjoyable, and filled with new discoveries!

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Dr. Kyle Ross, D.C.

Dr. Ross, an ART Certified Provider since 2022, owns Ross Chiropractic & Wellness in vibrant Chicago, Illinois. Besides caring for his patients, he leads an active lifestyle, creates engaging chiropractic content for social media, and cherishes time with his three Frenchies.