Debunking Common Myths: ART Treatment is Too Expensive

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A long-time Active Release Techniques® (ART®) Elite Provider Dr. Olivia Bayer, D.C. debunks the common statement that ART treatment is too expensive, or not worth the money.


ART treatment is worth the investment  

We have all ordered something cheap online before, and then been disappointed in the quality, right? Or maybe that’s just me. However, I do believe that we can all agree on quality being a cornerstone of our patient care values.  


Being an ART Certified Provider has not only helped my patients but my practice as well. Here is why the common misconception learning ART treatment “isn’t worth the money” is far from the truth. 


Providers can treat more conditions 

ART treatment is a hands-on technique that has been proven effective at treating everything from tennis elbow to plantar fasciitis. 


The best part about learning ART protocols is that you will be helping your patients get better faster. Rather than just a pin-and-stretch blanket approach, ART treatment has a protocol for just about every soft-tissue structure in the body. 


ART treatment is the fix patients search for 

The precision of an ART Certified Provider is impressive and appreciated.  


I have seen time and time again a patient who has “already tried it all” jump off the table after an ART treatment session and say they have never experienced anything like it. 


Need proof ART treatment instills hope in patients who have been searching for a “fix”? 


This case study and YouTube video prove the miracle-like results ART treatment gives patients. 


More referrals from patients and the medical community 

Patients are typically so pleased with their outcomes from ART treatment that they share the news with their family and friends, and soon you see many of them as patients. 


Word-of-mouth referrals from happy patients and referrals from other medical providers are fantastic ways to build a thriving practice. 


Ascend Chiropractic, where Dr. Bayer practices in Lincoln, Nebraska, the medical community sees ART treatment as synonymous with “evidence-based,” and when making a chiropractic referral request specifically an “ART certified chiropractor.”  


Ascend Chiropractic has referrals from primary care physicians, pain management clinics, orthopedic surgeons, OB-GYNs, and many more just because we are part of the ART community, which has proven to hold a high standard of patient care.  


More revenue with ART treatment 

Not only do you have more patients coming in the door since the demand for ART treatment is high, but your efficiency skyrockets. 


More effective treatments increase patient satisfaction, retention, and referral rates. 


The ability to offer a more comprehensive treatment plan to these patients also increases your earning potential. 


For newer providers, sometimes it is nerve-wracking to not sign your patients up for weeks-long treatment plans, but as an ART Certified Provider, you will soon find that patients see far more value in what you do and will choose to invest in their health since they trust you.  


ART treatment is a proven worthwhile investment 

The investment in being an ART Certified Provider pays off in many ways. 


Earning potential, referral sources, marketing, and opportunities to work directly with ART are all financial benefits that you do not get with many other weekend-long seminars. 


The biggest payoff, however, is when you realize how transformative the treatments are for your patient’s health and quality of life. 

About the Author  

Dr. Olivia Bayer, D.C.  


Dr. Olivia Bayer has been an ART Certified Provider since 2016. She was first exposed to ART treatment after a severe back injury in high school which had not been resolved with any other medical or physical treatment. After experiencing firsthand the benefits of ART treatment for pain and injury, she decided this was her career path, and has been grateful ever since. She is a chiropractor at Ascend Chiropractic in Lincoln, Nebraska.