Debunking Common Myths: Learning ART Treatment

Marketing Team

Active Release Techniques® (ART®) is a treatment method that requires rigorous training and certification. As with anything, there are some myths surrounding the method and the requirements to obtain official certification.  

This myth-busting series will clear up any false information and misconceptions you may have about learning ART treatment.

Myth #1: My lab instructor taught me some ART protocols in school; I’m good. 

Why do I need to get certified in ART treatment if my lab instructor taught me some protocols? 

Debunked: Well, here is why. 

Although you might be performing that ART protocol correctly, there is a good chance the tension and movement have changed, meaning you are not actually providing current ART treatment and won’t see the same results. 

As new research is released in the health care space, updated health care standards follow, including ART treatment.  

To remain an ART Certified Provider, you must recertify each year by taking at least one ART seminar. 

You are likely asking, “but why?” 

ART protocols are continuously updated, and new ones are created to reflect current health care research and provide the highest standard of care possible.

To live up to the Gold Standard in Soft-Tissue Care, we hold all ART Certified Providers to a degree of excellence.

Why? Because we owe it to patients receiving ART treatment.

If a health care provider believes they have “figured it out” without proper instruction and training, there is a high probability patients won’t see a resolution and may even get hurt. No one wants that. 

Want to be able to say you provide ART treatment? 

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