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Ready to Join the Best?

What is the Elite Provider Network?

The Elite Provider Network, or EPN, is a collective team of more than 150 highly-qualified healthcare professionals that represent the finest soft-tissue care providers in the world.

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Should You Become an Elite Provider?

ART Elite Providers are the only professionals qualified to provide ART treatment to corporate or other workforces. Elite Providers have access to a source of regular income, free from the overhead and other restrictions imposed by a regular practice.

Most Elite Providers use their corporate work to supplement their practice income, though many others have transitioned to exclusive work as an ART Elite Provider. Others do a few hours each week and pursue other life activities, such as volunteering, parenthood, or grandparenthood, full time. The choice is yours and the bounds limitless.

Who is eligible?

ART Certified Providers may apply to become an ART Elite Provider following successful ART Full Body Level 1 and Nerve certification.

What Can You Expect?

If you qualify to become an Elite Provider, you will need to pass an additional written and practical exam to be credentialed. Additionally, you must commit to becoming ART Full Body Level 2 certified within two years of credentialing, and must recertify in hands-on ART seminars every 12 months thereafter.

Candidates willing to travel for ART work or use their connections to build ART work will usually have the most work. However, high work volume does not define success as an Elite Provider, with many Elite Providers preferring only a few hours each week. Whatever your definition of success, ART will help you reach it.

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How to Apply

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