What Makes Perform + Recover Special? 

Marketing Team

You have probably heard about Active Release Techniques® (ART®) Perform + Recover seminars, but what even are they, and how do they compare to a regular ART seminar? 


Read on and we will tell you! 


What is a Perform + Recover seminar? 

Like a regular ART seminar, Perform + Recover seminars provide the same hybrid learning environment, but with added perks. 


Get exclusive business and marketing tips. 

You are an ART Certified Provider™, now what? 


The ART and Hyperice team share exclusive information on how you can best market yourself as an ART Certified Provider to build and diversify your client base. 



Want to connect with some of the brightest minds in the soft-tissue care industry? 


ART hosts a networking opportunity with dinner + drinks provided. This is a great opportunity to connect with other providers to build community, learn about potential job opportunities, and have a little fun too. 


Relax in the Hyperice Lounge! 

While you are reviewing and practicing the ART protocols, there will be opportunities to take a breather and reset in the Hyperice Lounge with Hyperice Normatec, Hypervolt, and Venom recovery products.  


Free Hypervolt 

Every Perform + Recover seminar attendee receives a Hypervolt 2 from our partners at Hyperice. 


A Hypervolt can even be used while providing ART treatment to assist in softening really fibrotic tissue, making it easier on your hands.  


And the best part? 

All these perks are at no extra cost!


Ready to get registered for Perform + Recover? 

Are you excited to register for your first Perform + Recover seminar?  


Click here and look for seminars with the “Hotel Perform + Recover” label.