5 Reasons Your Patients Need ART Treatment

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Active Release Techniques® (ART®) treatment not only benefits you as a health care provider but also creates a tremendous impact in your patients’ lives. 

What is ART? 

ART treatment is a non-invasive system that treats soft-tissue and nerve dysfunction at the source. This hands-on treatment uses a combination of provider touch, depth, and tension with patient movement to pinpoint and treat the origin of the affected area. 

Five Reasons ART treatment is the best option for your patients. 

There are many reasons your patients’ lives would be greatly improved by ART treatment, but here are only the top five reasons. 

  1. Time-efficient care.

When people are in pain, they cannot afford exhaustive and temporary health care solutions. With ART treatment, patients often feel results after their first session, with more than 80% of issues resolved in five or fewer short sessions.  

  1. Cost-effective care.

ART treatment reduces doctors’ visits and tedious treatment processes, making it an affordable solution. 

  1. Finding a solution to their pain, not a Band-Aid.

ART treatment finds the root of the problem and any contributing sources through the ART Diagnostic Algorithm. 

The results are a long-term solution to get your patients feeling better faster. 

Chart showing the ART treatment process.

A patient-friendly explanation of the ART Diagnostic Algorithm to explain the process of ART treatment.

  1. Easy access to treatment.

Finding an ART Certified Provider is easy since there are providers across the U.S. and can be found here on the official listing of providers. 

  1. Non-invasive treatment.

Patients are not being poked and prodded with needles or pumped with medication. This technique solely relies on an ART Certified Provider’s touch and patient movement. 

The sessions can be a little uncomfortable, especially as tight tissues are worked on, but patients should not experience severe pain during ART treatment*. 

Want to become a better provider?  

Becoming an ART Certified Provider is an investment in your patients and career, and the opportunities are almost endless.  

Ready to become part of The Gold Standard in Soft-Tissue Care? Click here to find an ART seminar that interests you!  

Your patients deserve the best care. 

*If you are a patient who has received what you think is Active Release and it is well beyond uncomfortable, be sure your provider is currently certified and listed on our provider directory.