ART Treatment Improves Chris Donlon’s and His Patients Lives

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ART Success Story

Lauren Atchley, ART’s Social Media Specialist, sat down with ART Certified Provider, Chris Donlon, to get his perspective on Active Release Techniques® (ART®) seminars and what ART treatment success he’s seen in his patients.

With ART Certification, Chris found that he was relieving pain and improving lives. Read on to learn more.

Q: Start off by introducing yourself. 

A: My name is Chris Donlon. I am here, local from Southern California, and my practice is in Oceanside, California

Q: Why did you choose to go into health care? 

A: I spent a 20-ish-year career in advertising and marketing. I got a degree in film production and worked in branding and content development for a very long time. [I] discovered ART [treatment] as a patient training for a marathon and had some knee pain, [that] medically couldn’t be resolved. After one session with ART [treatment], I was able to get back to training for that marathon with no pain. I was like, this is it for athletes, and [I was] at a crossroads with the marketing stuff. Late in life, I decided to make a 180-degree career change and go back to school so that I could become a practitioner myself.

Q: What seminars have you taken and what seminars do you plan to take?

A: I’ve got Full Body under my belt and I’m in Nerve this weekend. I plan to take everything I can.

Q: Besides your personal ART success story, what’s your favorite thing about ART treatment or another story that you have?

A: Recently, I had a Marine veteran come in, who had sort of like a frozen shoulder type of symptoms for about three years since she got out of the military. In about 15 minutes, she had probably 90% of her range of motion back and she started crying on my table, like tears of joy because she didn’t think she’d be able to move her arm that way again. That’s my favorite story.

Q: What advice would you give someone just starting their ART journey?

A: I would say aside from all, study your anatomy, flatten your contact…don’t get overwhelmed, and know that you’re an effective therapist even though you’re not necessarily at the level of somebody next to you in that seminar.

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