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Level 1: Get In the Game

Attendees practice hands-on techniques at a seminar.
Why Get Certified?

Take the first step down a pathway that will reap benefits for your patients and your career. You’ll learn unique diagnostic and treatment skills integrated with palpation of soft-tissue, with an aim to trace the affected area to its true origin.

Using ART’s combined approach, you will return to your practice with instantly higher success rates, yielding average improvement of 80% or more in five or fewer visits. In most cases, patients will leave their first visit with a substantial decrease in pain. Now that’s something to brag about!

And your patients will do just that, attracting an ever growing clientele to your practice.

Once you are an ART Certified Provider, you belong to a global network of advanced soft-tissue care providers with increased access to professional opportunities and new channels for scaling your current business, or for embarking on something new.

Who is eligible?

All healthcare professionals can benefit from ART training. Professionals that gain the most from our seminars include those that regularly treat chronic pain or soft-tissue/neurofascial/neuromuscular disorders, as well as those in the occupational or sports medicine fields.

ART seminars require an intermediate to expert understanding of musculoskeletal anatomy. We highly recommend that student attendees complete at least one semester of gross anatomy prior to attending a seminar.

To attend an ART seminar, you must:
Have an active healthcare license issued by a state or national credentialing board;
Be a student:
1. Enrolled full-time in a healthcare degree program at an accredited post-secondary institution; and
2. Required to obtain a license from a state or national credentialing board to practice in your field of study post-graduation.

What to Expect

By the end of the seminar, you will successfully differentiate healthy and unhealthy tissue by touch, analyzing texture and tension to trace the problem to the source and properly diagnose condition(s) occurring in the subject anatomical region(s). You will also be skilled at effectively treating these conditions using palpation, tension, and active range of motion.

Beginning in 2021, ART Level 1 seminars will feature eight-hours of classroom instruction on Friday and Saturday, followed by testing Sunday morning. Prior to arriving at the seminar, attendees will be required to complete, at their convenience, a prerecorded online training session of four- to eight-hours in length. Remaining 2020 Level 1 seminars will continue to follow the traditional Thursday/Friday/Saturday instruction schedule, followed by testing Sunday morning.

Providing ART treatment is simple but not easy. For that reason, we intentionally dedicate the majority of classroom time to hands-on practice of treatment protocols. You’ll receive immediate feedback and correction from instructors. Due to our intensive hands-on training process, we recommend at least 4-6 weeks of self-study of curriculum materials prior to the seminar. Attendees that do not come prepared may struggle in the classroom setting.

Student referencing instructional manual during ART seminar
Pre-Seminar Checklist

Remember to refresh or advance your understanding of musculoskeletal anatomy, including origin, insertion, action, and nerve innervation before your seminar. In addition to seminar curriculum materials, Thieme’s Atlas of Anatomy is useful as a reference and study guide for all ART seminars.


We suggest that providers register at least 4-6 weeks in advance to allow time for self-study of the seminar curriculum materials. 

Elite means elite.

ART Elite Providers are among the finest soft-tissue care specialists in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • May I use the ART logo in my practice?

    Active ART Certified Providers may use the logo to signify their certification, ensuring it’s not used in a way suggesting affiliation beyond certification. The logo shouldn’t imply representation or sponsorship by ART, nor be used for corporate or workplace services. Inactive providers are prohibited from logo use. For inquiries on logo usage or brand guidelines, please contact

  • What is the ART Certified Provider Directory Listing?

    Active ART Certified Providers are listed in our ART Certified Provider Directory. People searching for ART Certified Providers are met with our “Find a Provider” tool, which funnels potential patients to your directory listing and practice. Most providers find this feature more than pays for annual certification or recertification fees by itself. Directory listings are included in seminar registration fees and are activated upon confirmation of the successful completion of your first (or next if you’ve been inactive) ART Seminar. Providers are removed from the directory when their ART certification expires.

  • How do I know if a provider offering ART treatment is certified/active?

    You can locate all ART Certified Providers authorized to use the ART® and ACTIVE RELEASE TECHNIQUES® trademarks in our ART Certified Provider Directory. If a provider is not listed there, they are either inactive or have never attended an ART Seminar. In such instances, they may be offering counterfeit ART treatment, and we urge you to report them by emailing

  • Is it required to be certified in all ART seminars? Do I need to certify or recertify every year?

    No. Most ART Certified Providers should gradually complete all seminars/certifications to enhance their understanding and skills. Review recommended provider pathways. Annual certification is necessary to use the ART® and ACTIVE RELEASE TECHNIQUES® trademarks and stay listed in the ART Certified Provider Directory. For additional recertification information visit our Recertification Page.

  • I do not see a seminar near me and prefer not to travel, what options do I have?

    You may occasionally need to travel to another city to maintain your ART certification. If you are an ART Full Body Level 1 Certified Provider, you have the option of recertifying through an online recertification seminar every other year. If you didn’t exercise that option last year, it is an option for you this year. Otherwise, you may submit an inquiry for a private or clinic-hosted seminar in your city. Please email for more information.

  • Am I required to test? Can I test if I don’t attend the entire seminar?

    You will not be licensed to use the ART® and ACTIVE RELEASE TECHNIQUES® trademarks or listed in our ART Certified Provider Directory without successful completion of testing. We have found that some providers don’t feel ready to test at the conclusion of their seminar. In fact, some of our most successful providers have felt that way, especially in Level 2 seminars. If that’s where you find yourself, that’s totally okay. Let’s talk about it and determine how to get you credentialed. Unless you are a recertification attendee, you must attend the entire seminar to test.

  • What should I expect at the seminar?

    Appropriate Attire at the Seminar:
    Athletic attire such as shorts, yoga pants, t-shirts, joggers, and athletic polo shirts and tops is most suitable. The seminar involves hands-on practice on other attendees, so wear clothing that allows for ease of movement. Attire should be similar to what you would wear for a workout, excluding items like ties, speedos, jackets or coats, swimsuits, sports bras only, or biking shorts.

    Hotel Accommodations:
    Hotel accommodations are not included in the cost of the seminar. Attendees are responsible for arranging their own lodging. While seminars held at a hotel may offer a group rate negotiated by ART, attendees have the freedom to choose their lodging arrangements.

    Seminar Expectations:
    ART Seminars primarily consist of hands-on practice and training, comprising at least 80% of the seminar content. Attendees receive immediate feedback from instructors and peers. It’s essential to prepare in advance for the seminar. Regular snack and lunch breaks are provided, and for detailed seminar agendas, please refer to the main webpage(s) for the seminar(s) of interest.

    We recommend leaving yourself four to six weeks for self-study of our curriculum materials in advance of a seminar. Having said that, you may enroll in a seminar up to just a few days prior, when registration closes. We ship curriculum materials as soon as your order is processed. The sooner you enroll in a seminar, the more time you’ll have to prepare.

  • Do ART seminars offer continuing education units (CEUs)?

    In most cases, contact hours will be awarded to eligible attendees upon successful completion of an ART seminar. ART seminar attendees are eligible for as many as 44.25 (Full Body Level 1) and as few as 3.5 (Advance Full Body Online). Please check eligibility and details on the registration webpage(s) for the seminar(s) you are interested in completing.