ART Treatment Revolutionized Stephen Black’s Practice

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ART Success Story

Erin Connolly, ART’s Manager of Marketing and Brand Partnerships, sat down with ART Certified Provider, Stephen Black, to get his perspective on Active Release Techniques® (ART®) seminars and what ART treatment success he’s seen in his patients.

Want to know how Stephen competed at the IRONMAN World Championships after a bike accident? Read on.

Q: Why don’t you introduce yourself?

A: Hi, I’m Dr. Steven Black. I’ve been providing ART [treatment] since 1998.

Q: How did you find or hear about ART?

A: [I] was first introduced to the technique when the [ART] team was in Kailua-Kona for the IRONMAN in 1995 and said, “I got to learn this stuff.”

Q: Why did you become ART certified?

A: I arrived in Kona in ‘95, two weeks out of a severe cycling accident where I had a concussion and I had three fractured ribs, [and a] torn ligament in my thumb. If you qualify for Hawaii, you’re going to go [and] you’re going to compete anyway. [When] I arrived, I saw these guys doing something down on the pier that looked pretty good [and] thought it might be able to help me. So, I got work done the week prior to the race and was able to complete the race comfortably in the time that I anticipated for myself. [ART treatment] really revolutionized the way that I approach soft tissue treatment. But from a personal perspective, really helped me as an athlete.

Q: What keeps you coming back to ART seminars?

A: ART [treatment] has allowed me to intervene with my patients and help them on the first visit. Most other practices [and] other techniques, it takes you a while to establish results. Whereas with ART [treatment], if delivered correctly, [after the] first visit, [the] persons got at least 60% resolution of their problem. [ART treatment has] revolutionized my practice. It’s also a technique that continues to evolve. I want to stay on the cutting edge. So, I continue with ART [treatment].

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