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Recertification: Stay On Top of Your Game

Attendees practice hands-on techniques at a seminar.
Refine Your Skills

ART requires annual recertification for all ART Certified Providers™. By recertifying, you take advantage of the opportunity to refine your skills, stay current on recent research findings, and discover new or improved protocols. You also renew your license to use the ART name and trademark, and stay active in our ART Certified Provider™ directory.

Completing and passing any hands-on ART seminar reactivates all prior ART credentials for one year.

Recertification is our quality control mechanism and helps ensure that all ART Certified Providers are capable of providing quality, authentic ART treatment. In this way, recertification protects you, your fellow ART Certified Providers, ART, and the public.

Who is eligible?

Providers, whether active or expired, may recertify in any seminar they have previously completed and passed. Full Body Level 1 or 2 Certified Providers may recertify through any of our Advanced Full Body seminars, including the Advanced Full Body Online recertification seminar once every other year.

What Can You Expect?

If attendees choose to attend a traditional recertification at Level 1 or Level 2 seminar, a minimum of 16 hours of attendance is required, while attendance at an Advanced Full Body or Advanced Full Body 2 seminar requires 8 hours of attendance, and Advanced Full Body Online, 4 hours. To successfully recertify, providers must pass a practical exam administered throughout attendance at the seminar. Recertification attendees do not test on Sunday.

Demonstration and practice of Active Release Techniques during Education Seminar.

Pre-Seminar Checklist

  • Refresh your understanding of musculoskeletal anatomy.
  • Allow yourself a few weeks for self-study, preferably from the ARTman app or the ART LMS (learning management system).

Online Recertification Available

Online Recertification Seminars feature several live case studies and a brief review of a varying selection of ART Level 1 protocols. The seminars are four-hours in length, offered four times per year, and hosted by Dr. P. Michael Leahy, president and founder of ART, and Dr. Alesha Willis, director of curriculum for ART.

Providers must attend the entirety of the live online seminar to successfully renew their certification(s).

To be eligible for an Online Recertification Seminar, providers must:

  • Be an active ART Full Body Level 1 Certified Provider (expired providers are not eligible).
  • Have completed and passed a hands-on seminar within the preceding 12 months (for quality control, providers may not recertify through two consecutive Online Recertification Seminars).

Online Recertification Seminars are generally eligible for CEU credit.

ART may occasionally offer additional recertification and/or online educational opportunities with different formats or eligibility requirements.

Image of a foot with a seminar attendee practicing Lower Extremity techniques on it.

Elite means elite.

ART Elite Providers™ are among the finest soft-tissue care specialists in the world.

Frequently asked questions

  • What do I do if I believe I am receiving inauthentic or “fake” ART treatment?

    Please let us know at

  • How do I know if a provider offering ART treatment is certified/active?

    All ART Certified Providers authorized to use the ART® and ACTIVE RELEASE TECHNIQUES® trademarks can be found in our ART Certified Provider Directory. If a provider is not listed, they are inactive or have never taken an ART Seminar. In that case, they are offering counterfeit ART treatment, and we encourage you to report them by emailing

  • Is it required to be certified in all ART seminars?

    No. For most ART Certified Providers, we recommend completing all seminars/certifications over time. You will gain comprehensive knowledge of ART and perfect your diagnostic and treatment skills, leading to the best clinical outcomes for your patients and more referrals to your practice. You will also set yourself apart from less experienced providers in your area. For a few providers, however, completing all seminars/certifications does not make sense. For example, a provider specializing in only foot and ankle injuries may not gain much from our Upper Extremity seminars.

  • Do I need to certify or recertify every year?

    Yes, if you want to continue using the ART® and ACTIVE RELEASE TECHNIQUES® trademarks and maintain your listing in the ART Certified Provider Directory. As the exclusive owner of the trademarks, ART has a duty to maintain quality control over the goods and services with which the ART and ACTIVE RELEASE TECHNIQUES marks are used. Certification and recertification, as well as the corresponding hands-on testing, operate as our quality control measures. By requiring annual certification/recertification, we ensure that each ART Certified Provider is capable of providing safe and effective ART treatment, thereby protecting consumers, the ART brand, and all ART Certified Providers.

    You will maintain your status as an active ART Certified Provider by successfully completing any hands-on seminar, whether completed as a recertification or new certification attendee. For ART Full Body Level 1 Certified Providers, online recertification seminars will maintain active certification for one year, but may only be used to maintain certification every other year, with a hands-on seminar and testing required every two years.

  • Once I attend a seminar, how do I become certified?

    Once you complete and pass an ART Seminar, you are an active ART Certified Provider. Congrats! You will begin to experience and understand the value of ART for your practice and patients. To maintain an active certification to offer and advertise ART treatment, providers must complete one ART Seminar every 12 months.