I’m ART Certified, Now What?

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Now that you are officially an ART Certified Provider in Active Release Techniques® (ART®) treatment, you may be wondering what the next career step is, or how to incorporate ART treatment in a clinical setting.

Really, the next step is up to you and how you would like to use your new certification.

Keep reading to learn all the possibilities that come with being an ART Certified Provider.

So, what now?

Congratulations on successfully completing an ART seminar, you can immediately begin providing your patients with ART treatment.

Wondering how exactly?

We sat down with Dr. Kyle Ross, D.C., who shared his experience using ART treatment at his chiropractic clinic.

Dr. Ross explains how incorporating ART treatment was a seamless transition for him since he uses myofascial release, too.

He noticed his patients’ conditions being resolved faster and made his treatment process more efficient.

Dr. Ross’s piece of advice

Health care providers still learning how they can incorporate ART treatment in a clinical setting can utilize ART’s Educational Brochures that cover how ART treatment is beneficial for a variety of conditions.

Dr. Ross recognized the value in the brochures teaching his patients about the Cumulative Strain Injury Cycle and what makes ART treatment a different approach to solving their pain.

These are good resources for explaining why patients are experiencing their pain, or discomfort and how ART treatment attacks the root of the issue.

Watch the full interview where Kyle Ross talks more about what makes an ART certification worth it for new and seasoned health care providers here.

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