New Pricing for 2024 ART Seminars

Marketing Team

Please note, we heard your feedback and have removed tiered pricing. Find the flat rate on the pricing tab for your next seminar. 


The pricing structure for ART seminars will look a little different starting in 2024.

Here is how works

The sooner you register for an ART seminar, the more you’ll save. Meaning, the closer to the seminar date you wait to register, the more you will pay.

Why has the pricing structure changed?

This is meant to incentivize all our ART Certified Providers to register for seminars sooner because we want to see everyone successfully complete their ART seminar.

Because ART seminars offer a hybrid learning environment that includes online modules and hands-on training components, it requires a self-guided approach with the online portion.

This is at your own pace but will take time while you review your anatomy and structures before the in-person portion where you will have hands-on training led by ART instructors followed by testing.

We encourage our providers to register for an ART seminar early to allow plenty of time to study and prepare.

The more time you have to prepare, the better chance at certification you will have.

What does the behind-the-scenes look like while preparing for an ART seminar? Read here to see what Elite Provider and ART Instructor, Dr. Drew Cuiffo says it takes.