What’s Included in the ART Seminar Prices?

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Have you been debating on registering for an Active Release Techniques® (ART) seminar, but are not entirely sure what is included in the pricing?

Keep reading to learn more about the structure, benefits, and opportunities ART seminars provide attendees.

What is an ART seminar?

ART Seminars offer a hybrid learning environment that includes online modules and hands-on training components.

While the online portion is self-guided, the hands-on training is led by ART Instructors, many of the brightest minds in soft-tissue care. ART Instructors go through rigorous training and testing to become eligible to teach ART treatment to seminar attendees.

The hands-on training includes instruction and testing. During instructional days of a seminar, attendees will practice ART protocols on other attendees and ART Instructors, receiving immediate feedback on technique.

The final day of the seminar is test day, where ART Instructors will put what you have learned to the test to determine if you have successfully completed the seminar.

Learn more about what to expect during an ART seminar here.

What we give you

Taking an ART seminar is an investment, but that is because of the benefits providers receive from passing even just one seminar.

ART gives all attendees the resources to be successful.

All study materials are provided.

ART provides each registered attendee with all study materials, including a learning management system, and a digital and physical ART manual.

Think of the manual as a workbook that walks you through each ART protocol relevant to the seminar you are taking.

Use this as you work through the online modules through the learning management system. The best part? You can go at your own pace.

We give you hands-on practice and feedback.

You will have eight hours of instruction time and get hands-on practice with the ART Diagnostic Algorithm and ART protocols.

ART Seminar Pricing Chart 

Did you know that ART lowered its prices? Take a look!

A chart with each ART seminar and pricing.

What comes after my first ART seminar?

After successfully completing an ART seminar, ART Certified Providers continue reaping benefits. What are they?

Here are just a few:

  1. Seminars become cheaper.
  2. Unlimited access to the ARTMan
  3. Featured on the official ART Certified Provider listing.

To view all the benefits, check out 8 Opportunities an ART Seminar Brings You.

Where do I register?

You can register here after selecting a seminar that interests you.

The dates listed on the registration site include the hands-on instructional and testing days.

It is strongly encouraged that you register at least 4-6 weeks in advance of hands-on training to give yourself time to complete the online modules provided by ART.

Have you heard about Perform + Recover seminars?

Want more bang for your buck?

ART offers Perform + Recover seminars that follow the same learning model detailed above but with added perks.

A few of those perks include exclusive business and marketing tips, a networking event, and a free Hypervolt. All this at no extra cost.

Click here to learn more about Perform + Recover seminars.

Ready to become a better provider?

Get initiated into The Gold Standard in Soft-Tissue Care by clicking here to register for an ART seminar that interests you.