What Does it Take to be Elite?

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ART Elite Providers (EPs) are part of the Elite Provider Network (EPN): a team of highly qualified health care professionals who represent the finest soft-tissue care providers in the world.

What it means to be an ART Elite Provider 

EPs help protect the livelihood of employees dealing with soft-tissue dysfunction and pain, helping them feel better faster. They are the only professionals qualified to provide Active Release Techniques® (ART®) treatment in the workplace.

If you are ready to make a greater impact through your career, learn more about the eligibility requirements, options for employment, and application process below.

What are the requirements? 

Here is what qualified candidates will bring:

  • Active professional medical license
  • Current ART Certification
  • ART Full Body Level 1 certified
  • ART Nerve certified
  • 800 clinical hours
  • 1 year of ART treatment experience
  • Maintain a professional malpractice insurance policy
  • Ability to travel
  • Demonstrated desire for continued learning and growth
A quick Q&A with ART Elite Providers 

EP candidates have the option to choose full-time employment with ART, or part-time contract work. Whether you are seeking a role with full benefits or just a little extra income, the possibilities are almost endless.

If you aren’t sure which path is right for you, read valuable insights from an EP employee and a contracted EP below. 

ART employee: Dr. Nicollette Hemmer, MS, DC, CCSP 

Q.) Why did you choose to become a full-time Elite Provider for ART? 

A.) I became full-body certified in ART in 2018 while still in chiropractic school. When I became a licensed chiropractor in March 2019, I was able to implement ART [treatment] immediately into practice as another modality to chiropractic. I noticed a huge difference in patient outcomes when ART [treatment] and chiropractic were combined. After being in practice for three years, ART reached out to me about their full-time Elite Provider position. I was transitioning out of being an associate chiropractor and opening my own business, thus the offer couldn’t have worked out better.  

Being an owner of a chiropractic office allows me the flexibility to create my own hours and allocate time to do ART contracts. It’s a nice way to break up the week, working on-site and in the office. The other strong appeal for me was the travel aspect. Being a full-time EP has given me the chance to explore California as I work contracts in the LA and San Jose areas. Plus, doing different Health Fairs and Expos in Las Vegas to educate people on the importance and efficacy of ART [treatment] as it relates to overall health and well-being. 

Q.) What is the most rewarding part of your job as an ART Elite Provider? 

A.) The most rewarding part about being an EP is providing care to the workers on-site. Most have never experienced ART [treatment] or wouldn’t be able to go to a provider otherwise. Providing relief and/or resolution of acute or chronic conditions has been the best part of the job. We are typically the only health care professionals that most of them would see. Thus, having them feel cared for, listened to, and providing them with a solution is heartwarming. 

Q.) What is the most unique part about working as an ART employee? 

A.) The most unique part about working with ART as an employee is the community. Even though I am a remote employee living in Raleigh, NC, headquarters has always made me feel a part of the team. They are always there to help me with any accommodations that I need and include me in office functions. ART demonstrates what a true positive work environment is like. The support I’ve received from ART has helped me personally and professionally. I am grateful to be a part of this team. 

ART independent contractor: Erin Kaczmarowski, OTR/L 

Q.) Why do you like working as an independent contractor? 

A.) I love the simplicity and the autonomy. I get to focus solely on the treatment I am providing and my direct interactions with clients because ART takes care of the contracts and billing but doesn’t micromanage the daily details. I have been able to design a schedule that fits my lifestyle and family needs perfectly. The reliable repeating income from my ART contracts gives me the freedom to explore new programs with my OT practice without worrying that I’m going to cause myself financial strain if they don’t take off right away. 

Q.) What is the most rewarding part of your job as an ART Elite Provider? 

A.) Knowing that I am providing high-quality pain relief to people who wouldn’t have easy access to it otherwise. We don’t have nearly enough soft-tissue treatment providers in my area, even primary care access can be hard because of distance and other factors. Being right there at the worksite eliminates so many barriers for people. I love being able to serve industrial workers specifically too; I feel like their role in making life convenient and predictable to the rest of us is often unseen and underappreciated, so it feels good to be able to give back. 

Q.) What is the most unique part about working as an ART independent contractor? 

A.) Having a medical practice with almost no overhead costs! The worksite setting is beneficial to clients for so many reasons, but it’s great for me too; a win-win!

Ready to be part of the top 2% of all ART Certified Providers? 

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