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Erin Connolly, ART’s Manager of Marketing and Brand Partnerships, sat down with ART Elite Provider, Gary Holland, to get his perspective on Active Release Techniques® (ART®) seminars and what ART treatment success he’s seen in his patients.

Read on to find out the reason Gary keeps coming back to ART certification.

Q: Introduce yourself. Tell us where you are from, your educational background, and your work history. 

A: Hi, I’m Gary Holland. I’m a licensed massage therapist from Statesville, North Carolina, and I cover the Greater Charlotte region.

Q: What got you into ART certification in the first place?

A.: Started with personal training. And then I had an opportunity through my employer to get licensed in massage therapy. He paid for half, and I took that opportunity. And then found that massage therapy wasn’t the complete answer because I was always referring to somebody else who could fix the problems I couldn’t quite figure out, and the guy was an ART Certified [Provider] chiropractor.

Q: After all these years, what keeps you coming back to getting ART certified? 

A: Finding a career choice that has a process that is always raising the bar and making you better, is the reason I come back, and it’s great having a team. That’s what I feel like I have with ART, they are always researching and always digging into the human anatomy to understand it better, and then they pass that along to me. I don’t know how you could ask for much more of a process of continual learning than to have a team behind you doing that. And they lay it out very professionally.

Q: Tell us about your greatest success with ART treatment.

A: It was a gentleman at one of the plants that had groin pain, low back pain, and nerve pain in his groin for 15 years. [He] had been to a variety of doctors, neurologists, and such to try to get this resolved and had not found the answer next to surgery. That didn’t seem to be the answer either. And within about seven [ART] treatments, we got rid of his nerve pain [and] back pain. His quality of life really went up and he was just so grateful. I was very blessed to be in that moment [and] to be a part of that. That was kind of a cool story that kind of drives you, right?

Q: What advice would you give someone just starting their ART journey?

A: Let your reach exceed your grasp. Never be happy with what you know. And you should be reaching for that next level of skill set that makes you in more demand. Let your reach exceed your grasp.

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