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Lauren Atchley, ART’s Social Media Specialist, sat down with ART Elite Provider, John Minen to get his perspective on Active Release Techniques® (ART®) seminars and what ART treatment success he has seen in his patients.

Want to know what keeps him coming back? Read on.

Q: Introduce yourself. Tell us where you are from, your educational background, and your work history. 

A: I’m John Minen, and I run Colorado Sports Chiropractic in Boulder, Colorado. [I] started off studying kinesiology and sports medicine at the University of Virginia and graduated [from] Life University. [I] started chiropractic school, and then got involved in the sports chiropractic club there.

Q: Why did you choose to go into health care? 

A: I was always drawn toward health care. Just as an athlete, an active individual. I wanted to know ways to take care of the body and take care of myself and others as well.

Q: How did you find or hear about ART?

A: I was interested in chiropractic school when I was at the University of Virginia. Me and a couple of other athletes qualified for the U.S. championships, and our coach had flown out a chiropractor to take care of us right before the U.S. championships. I was pretty, just broken. I mean, I would run and then couldn’t do anything else. Throughout the two days preceding the actual U.S. championships, this guy would work on us. That was like [a] game changer. I dropped 3 seconds in a 1500-meter race. My season’s best by three seconds after one weekend of [ART] treatment. It was after that, I was like, “oh, I want to do that.” That was kind of cool.

Q: Tell us about your greatest success with ART treatment.

A: My second clinic I opened was right next to a dental office and he’s actually a pediatric dentist. I don’t specialize in pediatrics by any means, but I specialize in ART [treatment]. And this younger girl had come in because she had a bunch of ringing in her ears, and she was disoriented. She was also a stud gymnast. Nobody could figure out what was going on with her. We did two [ART] treatments on her greater auricular nerve. She wrote me this sweet letter, you know, in nine-year-old script. My name, the ‘J’ is backward, [and] saying that I gave her, her life back because she could now return to gymnastics. She had no more ringing in her ear. That’s actually up on the office wall. It’s pretty cool.

Q: What advice would you give someone just starting their ART journey?

A: I started with Spine. I thought that was the most logical one. There’s a little less complex [ART] protocols, so I’d probably start with the easiest one and just really focus on what you feel. And then, don’t be afraid to ask questions. When I first started, I was a little overwhelmed with all the [ART] protocols and memorizing everything. I think that now, the process is also getting a little bit more refined, and learning more about palpation. I’ll never forget coming to the Masters [seminar], really learning the feel and the touch. Learn how to differentially palpate, make sure you’re on the right structures, and just use your hands a little bit more than just mastering or memorizing the [ART] protocol.

Q: What keeps you coming back to ART seminars?

A: I’ve been doing ART seminars since 2012, so a little over ten years now. I think that there’s definitely become a group of individuals that are obviously very passionate about that type of craft and treating athletes. It’s kind of neat. Just last night having dinner with a couple of the other providers and hearing all the types of athletes that they work with and just being in that company of people that are aspiring to do those types of things. I think just continually surrounding yourself with that type of people has also been pretty cool to keep me coming back.

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